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Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning

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About Our Sunless Airbrush Tanning:

Whether you are looking for a sun-kissed healthy glow, or a deep tropical tan, we can customize a tan to your skin type and skin tone. Our spray tan solution is 100% organic, vegan ingredients, paraben free, & cruelty free. Expect a beautiful brown, natural-looking tan…no embarassing orange color. Your tan will last 5-7 days in combination with moisturizing your skin daily. Choose to use our Tan Extender Body Lotion daily and expect your tan to last 7-10 days.


How Do I Prepare For My Airbrush Tan?

1). Exfoliate- It is important to remove as many dead skin cells as possible prior to your spray tan appointment. This prepares the skin to absorb the airbrush solution.

2). Remove/wash off any deodorants, perfumes, or any oil-based lotions. Presence of these on your skin can affect the way your skin reacts to the solution.

3). Shave or wax any unwanted hair

4). Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment. The solution will not rub off on your clothing as long as you do not perspire. However, wearing loose fitting clothing is most comfortable immediatly after airbrush applications.


What Do I Wear During My Session?

Female clients: You can wear whatever you are comfortable wearing, even if it is nothing. Male clients: You must wear dark swim trunks or boxer/briefs


How Long Will My Tan Last?

It takes 8-10 hours for your airbrush tan to oxidize it’s color and will last 7-14 days depending on how you care for it, your skin tone, and your body’s PH balance. Keeping your skin moisturized will help extend the length of your airbrush tan. Your skin will replace itself every 28 days, so with any type of tan, it will fade if not cared for properly. Healthy, moisturized skin will retain a better tan than dry skin. So MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE.
Pricingnovalash, willow day spa, cartersville georgia

Full Body $35 / Under the age of 18 $25
Face Only $10 / Legs Only $15
Face, Arms, & Decollete $20
(return within 14 days of your last spray tan $25)